Records, Memorabilia and Publications


Child & Family Services Ballarat holds the records from:

  • Ballarat District Orphan Asylum 1865 - 1909
  • Ballarat Orphanage 1909 - 1968
  • Ballarat Children’s Homes 1968-1984
  • Ballarat Children’s Homes & Family Services 1984-1998

The records include:

  • Admission Book Registers
  • Individual Files (from approximately 1930's on)
  • Photographic records
  • Short films
  • and other memorabilia

To access your personal information please follow the guidelines in "Requesting Information from the Heritage Centre" or contact Sharon Guy, Heritage Coordinator at Child & Family Services Ballarat on 03 5337 3333. Or email sharon.guy@cafs.org.au


A Century of Childcare

Early Annual Reports

Ballarat District Orphan Asylum Annual Report 1866

Ballarat District Orphan Asylum Annual Report 1867

Our Vision: Wellbeing, respect and safety for all children and families.

CAFS Values

Flexibility: Being adaptable to changing circumstances in the workplace, prioritising work, addressing what is most important and taking advantage of new and emerging opportunities.

Resilience: The capacity to recover from setbacks, overcome obstacles and impediments, and the ability to learn from experience and identify areas for self development.

Client/Member focused: Prioritising the needs of clients and members, aiming for best outcomes for clients and members, being focused on the outcome and following through with commitments.

Inclusive: Recognising the rights of others, being committed to social justice and social inclusion, making equitable decisions and respecting and valuing difference and diversity in all its forms.

Ethical: High standards of personal integrity, being truthful and reflecting expected standards of behaviour consistent with the CAFS Code of Conduct and professional Codes of Ethics.

Collaborative: Working with others to achieve common goals, engendering a spirit of teamwork, listening actively, inspiring confidence and demonstrating empathy when confronted with adversity.


employees working at CAFS to help strengthen and empower
individuals, families and communities


individuals and families are supported each year
across the service region. 

(as per CAFS Annual Report 2013-14)




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