About our Care Farm

Care farming is the well-recognised practice of utilising the natural environment, the landscape, farming practices and engagement with plants and animals as part of a comprehensive plan to support positive wellbeing and mental health.

Care farms throughout the world provide health, social and educational care services for individuals from one or a range of vulnerable groups. This can include people with mental health problems, people suffering from mild to moderate depression, adults and children with learning disabilities, children with autism, those with a drug or alcohol addiction history, disaffected young people and adults, and people on probation.

Care farming harnesses elements known as ‘green-care’ - where therapies can include increased engagement with the outdoors and the natural world.

The Cafs Care Farm is a vital and necessary service for our community, as Cafs recognises that there are distinct benefits from a combination of access to the natural environment, meaningful activities, social interaction, exercise and working with animals.

"There is a growing body of evidence that supports the effectiveness of animal assisted interventions and the benefits of contact with nature." - Allan Joy, CEO

To find out more about our farm visit carefarm.org.au