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Help us achieve our vision of wellbeing, respect and safety for all children and families.

You might not think it but even a small financial donation can help change the course someone's life, be that a child, young person or family in need. The children and families supported by Cafs are amongst our communities most vulnerable people, your financial donation can brighten even the darkest of times for those in need.

We also appreciate any in-kind donations like tickets to the movies or vouchers for a fun day out.

With a diverse range of programs and services at Cafs, there is bound to be something that you would like support.

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Cafs Care Farm - from little things big things grow

Cafs Care Farm, located in Springmount, is a vital and necessary service for our community. Cafs recognises that there are distinct benefits from a combination of access to the natural environment, meaningful activities, social interaction, exercise and working with animals.

Our Care Farm will provide a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for a range of vulnerable people, as well as their families and the wider community. 

Operating a farm is expensive. Especially one that provides necessary relief and therapeutic benefits to at-risk and vulnerable people.

Donations or voluntary assistance will help us to deliver our vision and provide the Central Highlands community with an important facility. 

If your business, community or sporting group would like to donate or provide support to Cafs please contact Seb Claassen on 03 5337 3325 or email [email protected]