Zendesk can be accessed from any computer with internet access at https://cafs.zendesk.com  This means you can log a Zendesk even if your work device or connection is not working.

Zendesk a self-managed account. If you have forgotten your password, click on Forgot my password. If you’re a new staff member or yet to create an account, use the link as per screenshot below.

To use Zendesk, follow the ‘Cafs ICT Support Helpdesk engagement process - work instruction’ (available on Ekey). This will allow the ICT team to review all tickets submitted.

We ask that you submit all ICT requests, where possible, using Zendesk. This not only ensures we can attend to your request in a timely manner (and prioritise requests where appropriate), but it will also strengthen our helpdesk processes. We will be capturing invaluable data, enabling us to then be in a position to accurately analyse trends and make informed decisions.

Please do not email or phone individual members of the ICT team. This interrupts vital work that is being undertaken via a priority status