Cafs 2019/2020 Annual Report and Financial Statements are now available for download from our website after the Board of Governance accepted both at their first-ever online Annual General Meeting last night.

Click here to view the Annual Report and Financial Statements.

The Annual Report front cover features a very special piece of artwork created by local artist Steph Cartledge.

The piece was commissioned by Cafs to showcase our five diversity and inclusion themes - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the LGBTIQ+ community, culturally and linguistically diverse people, people of all abilities, and those of all religions and religious backgrounds.

Steph explains her piece: "The hand is as much a symbol of strength and protection as it is of generosity and stability – the perfect symbol to embody Cafs’ values. As you delve deeper into the initial hand shape, you will discover Cafs’ diversity and inclusion themes ... These concepts are created through a simplistic, bold and playful style."