The magic figure of 20,000

Cafs announced it has just engaged with it's 20,000th financial counselling program client. This milestone occurred on Tuesday 29th October. 

This 20k number covers the history of the program for approximately 35 years and excludes clients assisted for gambling help financial counselling and financial counselling in our regions prisons (which total several thousand more).

Financial counselling provides support to individuals who find themselves in financial difficulty due to unresolved debt. The 20k number is a significant milestone for Cafs in terms of the community support it has provided to people who are vulnerable and in-need of support.

A Special mention

A part of the journey for over 24 years, Steve has provided support and assistance to almost 5,000 of those clients. Steve is one of Cafs most experienced financial counsellors. A special shout-out to Steve for all of his amazing work. 

P.S - Go Bombers Steve!