Our Rainbow Tick Journey

*Image credit- Ballarat Courier (Cafs Deputy CEO Wendy Sturgess active in 2019 Chill Out Parade)

In late May 2019, Cafs completed the first feedback session with the Rainbow Tick Auditors with the aim of becoming a Rainbow Tick accredited organisation. The Rainbow Tick Guide to LGBTIQA+ inclusive practice aims to assist organisations to improve the quality of care and services provided to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse and intersex consumers, staff and volunteers.

Cafs is very pleased to announce from the total of 26 indicators across 6 standards and the Auditors were very happy that we met 21 of these completely.

In the remaining 5 areas, we have done some good work. The Audit Report will provide recommendations and corrective activities to assist us in achieving the Rainbow Tick accreditation. The recommendations were mainly around engaging more service users and the LGBTIQA+ community to have strong networks and genuine involvement and feedback to us about how our organisation serves the LGBTIQA+ local community.  This was something we have started to do and will keep working on.

The pleasing point the Auditors made was they felt the culture of Rainbow Tick was well embedded in Cafs and that all staff and service users they talked with thought that Cafs has made a genuine commitment to Rainbow Tick.  This is a fantastic result for us at our first go and it was good to note that we were already aware of the areas where we needed to do more.

As an organisation, we are deeply committed to supporting the education of unconscious bias and discrimination for our people and the community.