Kinship Care

Kinship Care is when siblings, extended family members or family friends care for children when their biological parents are not able too, for a period of time. Kinship care can be an informal care arrangement between family members or a statutory arrangement; when children are placed in care by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The majority of our Kinship Carers are grandparents who have taken on full-time parenting roles. On most occasions, raising their grandchildren hasn’t been a choice but a responsibility as the grandchildren are family, and they are committed to raising them within their birth family.

The Kinship Care Program provides support:

  • Through the information and advice service
  • To families that are caring for their children without the involvement of Child Protection Services (Family Support Services)
  • In the early stages of a placement being made (placement establishment)
  • When the plan is for children to remain permanently with their relatives (kinship contracting)