Young People

Cafs housing services also support young people to maintain their existing housing arrangements or, if required, find other appropriate accommodation. With specific programs such as Creating Connections in Bacchus Marsh and Youth Transition in Ballarat, young people are supported to develop domestic skills, such as cooking, maintaining properties, and skills in financial management. The program also helps them search for suitable employment or training and link them into community and sporting groups to build their independence and community connectedness. Cafs broad and diverse group of programs ensures that individuals and families seeking support are able to access a one-stop shop approach to having their needs met.

Many individuals and families receive housing support, accommodation and referral from all the Cafs offices in the Grampians region. The housing workers have extensive knowledge of the resources available, ensuring that everything possible is done to keep families in their communities. They provide advice, support assessment and referral through many interactions with individuals and families.

These interactions include face-to-face meetings, phone calls, use of social media tools, and people coming to the Cafs offices with no prior appointment. Many hours of support are provided through the Tenancy Advocacy and Advice Program (TAAP) to help individuals and families deal with matters relating to their housing tenancy.