We're here to help all members of our community, with a special emphasis on the wellbeing of children, young people and their families.

Access to Early Learning

Supporting the engagement of vulnerable three-year-old children in kindergarten.

Adolescent Violence in the Home

Adolescent family violence services provide a case management model of support for young people within the context of their family.

Adoption and Permanent Care

A program that offers permanent family options for infants and children who are unable to grow up in their biological families.

Children’s Contact Service

A safe and nurturing environment for children to maintain contact with a parent who is no longer living with them.

Connect Mentoring

A mentoring program for young people transitioning from out of home care into the community.

Dad’s Tool Kit

A parenting program for dads who want to improve their relationship with their children and work on being the best parent they can be.

Day Stay

A sleep and settling support and education program for parents with young children.

Families First

A placement prevention or reunification intervention for families involved with Child Protection.

Family Relationship Counselling

Counselling services for individuals, couples and families.

Family Services – Individual, Child and Family Support

A comprehensive range of services for vulnerable children (from pre-birth up to 17 years old) and their families to promote children’s safety, stability and healthy development.

Financial Counselling

Financial and paralegal support for people who find themselves in financial difficulty through unresolved debt.

Foster Care

Fosters carers provide homes for children and young people aged up to 17 years when the children’s own parents are struggling to manage their care and wellbeing.

Gambler’s Help

Therapeutic and practical supports for people affected by gambling.

Homelessness Assistance and Support

Services for people in private, public and community housing to help them maintain or access housing, as well as navigate tenancy issues.

Kinship Care

Support and case management for Kinship Care families caring for extended family members or friends when children are not able to live with their biological families.

Men’s Behaviour Change

A program for men who use violence against their current and former partners and other family members, including impacted children.

Parenting Assessment and Skill Development Services

An assessment and skill development service for families (with infants) involved with Child Protection.

Parenting Groups

Bringing parents with learning difficulties and their young children together, to learn through play, education and social interaction.

Post Separation Cooperative Parenting Program

An education program for parents who have separated.

Residential Care

Local places of care for young people in a home-like setting.

Transition to School

Volunteers support children’s learning to enhance the transition from kindergarten to school.

YARN (Youth and Relationship Navigator)

Therapeutic interventions for children and young people.