Student Placements

If you are seeking a student placement opportunity with Cafs please read and be aware of the following information.

Cafs has a strong history of providing quality learning opportunities to students undertaking placements across the organisation. Cafs is also committed to providing students with the opportunity to put theory into practice and do meaningful work to improve the lives of the Central Highlands region’s most vulnerable.

Currently, Cafs has a memorandum of understanding with Federation University and a commitment to supporting local students. For this reason, we prioritise students placements as

  1. Federation University – students living in the local areas
  2. Federation University – all other students
  3. Students from other tertiary institutions

Student Application Process

If you currently attend Federation University your first point of contact will be with your placement coordinator.

If you're not a Federation University student please email [email protected] to confirm if Cafs has the capacity for placement before you proceed with any further enquiries.

Applicants must have the support of their tertiary institution for their placement. It is the responsibility of the institution to accept all liability for the student while the student is on placement with Cafs. The institution is expected to cover the student for Workcover, public liability and professional indemnity insurance purposes. No payment will be made by Cafs to the student.

Students will be required prior to the commencement of their placement to undergo the necessary compliance checks, i.e. Working with Children and Police Checks. (N.B. Police Checks will be conducted by Cafs.)

Please be aware that due to the high level of interest in student placements within our organisation, opportunities are limited. Although you are welcome to express your interest, and we will do everything to accommodate your request, we do advise you to look at alternative options, as regrettably, we are unable to accommodate all requests.