Cafs is Rainbow Tick Accredited and provides an LGBTIQ+ inclusive environment for our staff, clients and community; free of unconscious bias and discrimination.

Our Rainbow Tick status means we are demonstrating our commitment and ability to deliver LGBTIQ+ inclusive services and will continuously review and improve the quality of care we provide to gender diverse people.

Our objectives

  • As a Rainbow Tick accredited organisation we embed LGBTIQ-inclusive practice across all our systems and continuously seek opportunities for improvement.
  • All staff and volunteers will understand their responsibilities to LGBTIQ+ consumers and are trained and able to deliver LGBTI-inclusive services.
  • LGBTIQ consumers, staff and volunteers will feel safe to provide personal information including their sexual orientation, gender identity and/or intersex status because they know the information will be treated respectfully and there are systems in place to ensure their privacy
  • Services and programs will identify, assess, analyse and manage risks to ensure the cultural safety of LGBTIQ+ consumers.
  • Building a culture of respect for all people and communities forms part of our Values. The Inclusion of LGBTIQ+ clients and staff is an important part of that work.

Learn more at Rainbow Health Victoria