Our goal is to give every individual the optimal opportunity to live in a safe and nurturing family.

Unemployment, poverty, addiction, violence and mental health issues are major risk factors associated with child abuse, neglect and family relationship problems. Sadly for many children and families in our region, these issues are a reality of everyday life, though these struggles are often hidden from view. Even the basic essentials such as food, warm clothing and bedding cannot be afforded for our communities most vulnerable people. 

Cafs provides help and support to more than 6,800 individuals and families each year across the Victoria Central Highlands and Grampians regions.

We have a long history supporting families that dates back to 1865 with the Ballarat Orphanage and Ballarat Children's Home. Although our programs and services have changed and expanded significantly since those early days, we are just as committed and passionate about helping children and families in need 155 years later.