Over the last 28 years, Wozzles Wearhouse has generated more than $10 million in sales of pre-loved clothing and goods, with all surplus funds going directly to programs run by Cafs that assists many children and families in need. When you donate or shop at Wozzles Wearhouse, your money is contributing to helping others within the local community.

Today, we have three op-shops and a warehouse across the Ballarat region which require dedicated volunteers from the community for their on-going operation. A team of staff and volunteers at the operations centre in Mitchell Park process the donations Wozzles Wearhouse receives through the iconic green bins. The pre-loved clothing and goods are then distributed to the op-shops and sold to the Ballarat community at affordable prices.

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We are always seeking volunteers with a range of skills to assist with our Wozzles Wearhouse operations. 

- Volunteering is a great way to build your self-confidence and self-esteem, at the same time your doing good for others and the community.

- Your role as a volunteer can also give you a sense of pride and identity.

Right now we're looking for; 

Volunteer process workers

Wozzles Wearhouse Volunteers are needed to volunteer flexibly across all areas of the Wozzles Wearhouse operations.
Tasks for this role may include; 
- Sort and grade clothing and other donated goods into various categories that are suitable for resale.
- Identify items of no value and discard appropriately.
- Appropriately clean donated items. 
- Identify faults that can be easily repaired for sale. 
- Washing cleaning and laundering of donated items. 

Volunteer Drivers

The Wozzles Wearhouse Volunteer Drivers perform a wide range of tasks which include;  
- Collect donations from Wozzles Wearhouse donation points.
- Deliver items for sale from the Operations Centre to all Wozzles Op-Shops 
- Dispose of unwanted donations at relevant destinations.

Volunteer licenced test and taggers

Wozzles receives a large quantity of donated electrical items. Unfortunately, we cannot sell these in our op-shops unless they have been tagged and tested to ensure they are safe and sound for use. The cost of paying for licenced test and taggers has become prohibitive. Rather than disposing of these quality items and enabling them to go to families in need we are seeking licenced test taggers to volunteer their time and skills to assist with this. 


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